Parents Who Host Lose the Most: May 30, 2017 & June 10, 2017

Parents Who Host Lose the Most is a public awareness program educating communities and parents about the health and safety risks of serving alcohol at teen parties. Approximately 700 community members were reached.

For the 2017 Parents Who Host Lose the Most campaign, Volition Franklin completed to main projects: A sticker shock campaign and car canvasing at graduation.

May 30, 2017

  • Student volunteers went to a local alcohol retailer, and completed a sticker shock project, putting stickers drawing attention to the campaign on alcohol packaging. 350 stickers were placed on alcohol boxes.
  • A survey was also administered at the alcohol retailer to gather data on the awareness campaign. Individuals who walked into the area where alcohol was sold were approached with survey, verbally administered
  • Parents Who Host information flyers were left near the alcohol area of the establishment

June 10, 2017

Coalition members canvased cars parked in the parking lot at the Franklin High School Graduation. The flyers on each car educated on tips to protect children and educate about teen parties. Over 275 flyers were left on cars in the parking lot.