We are a Positive Force for Change!

Volition Franklin Youth is a youth action group that empowers healthy decision-making. We’re passionate about substance misuse prevention and being a positive peer influence. We carry out many of the coalition’s initiatives, and most of our work happens in schools and at community events, to reach other students.

Find us on Twitter AND Instagram: @Volition_Youth

Youth Leadership Team

Rohit, Stephanie, Bella & Abigail

Rohit, Stephanie, Bella & Abigail


High School Members

Not pictured: Clare, Leslie, Liliana, Abigail, Alexis, Ishika, Kacey, Maxwell, Rasika, Rohit, Ryan, Stephanie

Middle School Members

Not pictured: Elise, Isabelle, Abby, Donovan, Emily, Jaxon, Kylie, Natalie, Kendall