Volition Franklin members hosted a resource table at the Franklin School District and Franklin Police Department hosted Growing Up Digital Presentation. This presentation was focused on actions one can take as a parent to protect, monitor and engage children around technology. Volition Franklin greeted community members and disseminated information focused on how to talk to kids about underage drinking, as well as engaged individuals in our National Prevention Week activity.

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Volition Franklin attended the Parks and Recreation Department youth soccer games this Spring season, facilitating a Volition Franklin education table. Coalition members offered information about our coalition, shared details about upcoming programs, and disseminated resources about the risks associated with underage drinking.

We had the opportunity to meet over 200 players and families and spread the word about our group through our chip clip, sticker and pen give aways!

Greenfield Health and Wellness Fair

Volition Franklin hosted a table at the Greenfield Health and Wellness day sharing information about our coalition and educating on how to dispose of unused and expired medications.

Perils and Pitfalls of Pills

Volition Franklin in partnership with the Franklin Health Department hosted a medication focused presentation in Franklin. Perils and Pitfalls of Pills was a presentation by speaker Claire Seduskhak, registered Pharmacist, Gerontologist, and certified senior advisor.

The presentation focused on:

  1. Asking the right questions when prescribed an opioid medication- the potential for abuse, the risk of dependency, whether other medications are just as effective
  2. Implementing a proven system for regularly taking medications to improve wellness
  3. Avoiding problems with vitamins and supplements which can impact medications
  4. Safely storing and disposing of unused medications


Naloxone Training

Volition hosted a free Narcan Training for the Franklin community on January 15, 2018. 

Narcan is an opioid antagonist which attendees were trained to administer. 

The training was led by a Prevention Specialist from the Aids Resource center, and offered attendees an overview of substance abuse/ heroin overdose 101, demonstrated both the nasal and injectable preparations of narcan, and answered questions on substance abuse overdose and how to treat it. 

Due to the high level of interest in this training, Volition is looking to host another training sessions.

If interested in a future training, please reach out on the contact page.  


Red Ribbon Week is an annual campaign uniting communities across the nation in their stand against drugs and commitment to a drug-free lifestyle. 

We recognized this event in a variety of ways. A huge thank you to all of the community members who participated and supported the campaign!

Some of the things Volition Franklin facilitated during Red Ribbon Week include:

  • Volition youth created and assembled bookmarks to distribute to English teachers to give away during Red Ribbon Week
  • Coalition Volunteers had a table at the October 13th football game where we distributed free red ribbons to community members inviting them to display it on a tree in their yard during Red Ribbon Week. We also gave away a punch of candy with "tobacco tricks not treats" messaging to game attendees! Students were also able to use our snapchat filter during the game! 
  • A door decorating contest was held at the Middle School, and Mrs. Fassbender's class was our first place winner of a pizza party!
  • Red Ribbons were hung at city hall October 23-31st and our imitative was up on the city webpage

Way to go Franklin!

Red Ribbon Week.jpg

Adult Health and Wellness Day: September 27, 2017

Adult Health and Wellness Day is a health fair geared towards older adults within Franklin. The coalition had a table at the event. At the table, information was distributed about the coalition and a medication drop off was offered and reached over 500 individuals.

  • Information was shared on the drug drop box
  • A hand out with what can and cannot be put in the drug drop box at the police department was distributed as well as plastic baggies to limit barriers in dropping off prescriptions.

Two Franklin Police Officers volunteered their time with the coalition to collect medication at this event.

  • Seven cardboard boxes of prescription medications were collected and disposed of appropriately by the Franklin Police Department

National Night Out: July 31, 2017

National Night Out is a Franklin community event to focus attention on crime prevention, personal safety, and various services provided by businesses in the Franklin area. Volition reached over 400 individuals with coalition messaging and resources.We had a table at the annual National Night Out event at the Franklin Public Library.

Chalk Art Contest

Prior to the event the coalition hosted their first Chalk Art Contest encouraging participants to draw prevention messages which were judged on two main criteria 1. Creativity, 2. Messaging. The contest was advertised by hanging a flyer at many local businesses.

The winner (judged by a Volition Franklin member) won a prize. The winner was announced on a white board at the coalition’s table, and the participant received their prize the night of the event.


During National Night Out, Volition Franklin handed out a flyer of where residents could drop off their unused prescription pain medications, and what could and could not go in the dropbox.


Coalition members also collected information utilizing a one page survey in regards to perception of alcohol in Franklin. Surveys were administered by coalition volunteers to any individual who came near the Volition table. 

On this entry sheet individuals also had the option to select if they would like to be added to the coalition mailing list, and had 37 individuals added to the mailing list from this event.


The coalition volunteers also facilitated a game “Duck Away From Underage Drinking” and received a price which was a dose of reality cup ,a dum dum lollypop that had a messaged on a sticker “don’t be a sucker for underage drinking” and/or a Marquette Basketball player card with Opioid facts on one side.

Outdoor Movie Night: June 16, 2017

The Outdoor Movie Night was an event cohosted with the Franklin Health Department free of charge to attendees. The event started at 7:30pm with games being offered, and the film beginning at dusk around 9:00pm. There were nearly 100 individuals who attended. Attendees were given a survey to fill out regarding the event, and surveys were then collected.

This was Volition Franklin’s first fundraising effort. A coalition volunteer facilitated the 50/50 raffle. The event also offered a great opportunity to talk with community members, discuss Volition Franklin, and spread the word about the coalition. A huge thank you to Marcus theaters donated popcorn for the event.

AAA also donated  their time to attend the event. They had a table with resources about driving under the influence, provided “drunk goggled” to see how driving impaired can affect one’s ability to be safe, as well as provided a quick introduction and presentation prior to the start of the film.


Parents Who Host Lose the Most: May 30, 2017 & June 10, 2017

Parents Who Host Lose the Most is a public awareness program educating communities and parents about the health and safety risks of serving alcohol at teen parties. Approximately 700 community members were reached.

For the 2017 Parents Who Host Lose the Most campaign, Volition Franklin completed to main projects: A sticker shock campaign and car canvasing at graduation.

May 30, 2017

  • Student volunteers went to a local alcohol retailer, and completed a sticker shock project, putting stickers drawing attention to the campaign on alcohol packaging. 350 stickers were placed on alcohol boxes.
  • A survey was also administered at the alcohol retailer to gather data on the awareness campaign. Individuals who walked into the area where alcohol was sold were approached with survey, verbally administered
  • Parents Who Host information flyers were left near the alcohol area of the establishment

June 10, 2017

Coalition members canvased cars parked in the parking lot at the Franklin High School Graduation. The flyers on each car educated on tips to protect children and educate about teen parties. Over 275 flyers were left on cars in the parking lot.


National Prevention Week: May 15-19, 2017

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) hosts a National Prevention Week Annually. This is a health observance dedicated to increasing public awareness of, and action around, mental and/or substance use disorders. Volition partook in two main community activities for the 2017 Prevention Week, the I Choose Campaign and Generation Found, reaching over 100 community members through both events.

May 15, 2017

Volition cohosted a movie night with SouthBrook Church and Moving Beyond Addiction as a coalition faith summit. This event kicked off National Prevention week May 15th-20th with a film, Generation Found which focuses on one community coming together to ignite a youth addiction recover revolution in their hometown. The event was advertise through word of mouth, flyers printed and distributed at SouthBrook, as well as on the coalition Facebook page.


    May 15-19, 2017

    During National Prevention Week Volition facilitated an “I Choose” Project. This was a project inviting people to take a photo of themselves, their family, or friends holding a sign with a written statement expressing why they choose prevention. Images from this project were utilized in a slideshow before and after the Faith Summit, and prior to the showing of the Generation Found film. They were also shared on the coalition’s social media page.

    The coalition had over 40 participants/ participant groups including:

    • Franklin Police Department
    • Franklin Youth
    • Franklin Health Department
    • Franklin School Board President
    • Old National Bank Staff
    • Representative Ken Skowronski
    • Mitchell Airport Rotary Club
    • Franklin High School teachers and staff
    • Addiction to Recovery Staff
    • Aurora Healthcare Staff
    • Board of Health
    • City of Franklin Clerks office employees
    • FAPSU (Volition) Coalition Coordinator
    • Franklin Health Department Nurses
    • Community Parents
    • FAPSU (Volition) Executive Board
    • Forest Park Middle School Students

    Stairway to Heroin: April 25, 2017

    Stairway to Heroin was hosted at the Saber Center on April 25, 2017. The coalition promoted this event in many ways. 20 vendors participated in the resource fair, and approximately 90 community members attended the event.

    Vendor organizations include:

    Event Survey

    A survey was distributed and 62 individuals responded.

    When asked, on a scale of one to five, with five being very useful, how useful is the information you learned tonight?”

    • 19.4% identified usefulness as a 4/5 and 80.6% identified a 5/5 for usefulness
    • 53.2% strongly agree, and 41.9% agree that after the presentation, they feel more knowledgeable about the risks and behaviors associated with substance use.

    Attendees were primarily parents making up 50.8%, 16.4% were family members, 4.9% teachers, 11.5% counselors, 8.2% medical, 14.8% students, and 19.7% other (to include chaplain, elected official, graduate student, coalition members, recovering addicts, public health professionals, veteran, and vendors)

    Light and Unite Red: January 23-27, 2017

    Light and United Red is a Milwaukee County wide campaign. The Light and Unite Red campaign is a week in January to shine a light upon the dangers of substance use and highlight efforts to prevent misuse. For this campaign, Volition organized the following activities within Franklin, with our messages reaching over 1,000 youth and adult community members:

    • The message board outside of Franklin High School displayed a message encouraging students to wear red on the Friday of Light and United RED week to help bring awareness to the topic and open the door to start conversations about alcohol or drug misuse
    • The class wearing the most red won a Volition sponsored pizza party
    • High School and Middle School Announcements shared facts about substance misuse throughout the week
    • Gold block teachers at the High School level were encouraged to share a Drug Fact quiz that was linked on the Saber Slate, the High School Newspaper
    • Volition youth hosted games at lunch at the High School
    • Volition middle school youth created Memes pertaining to substance misuse and hung them around the school
    • Volition presented the purpose of Light and Unite Red to the Franklin Common Council and Mayor Steve Olson signed a proclamation proclaiming January 23-27, 2017 Light and Unite Red Week in the City of Franklin.
    • The city website advertised Light and Unite RED
    • The evergreen tree outside of city hall was illuminated with red lights, and a banner was hung
    • There was a message on the sign outside Station 1 Firehouse in Franklin
    • City Employees were given Light the Way tip sheets providing information about starting the conversation at home, and resources for parents, teens, and educators. City Hall employees were also encouraged to wear red on Friday
    • The Volition Facebook Page shared posts of the student created memes
    • The senior lunch hosted in Franklin City Hall displayed informational table tents