Red Ribbon Week is an annual campaign uniting communities across the nation in their stand against drugs and commitment to a drug-free lifestyle. 

We recognized this event in a variety of ways. A huge thank you to all of the community members who participated and supported the campaign!

Some of the things Volition Franklin facilitated during Red Ribbon Week include:

  • Volition youth created and assembled bookmarks to distribute to English teachers to give away during Red Ribbon Week
  • Coalition Volunteers had a table at the October 13th football game where we distributed free red ribbons to community members inviting them to display it on a tree in their yard during Red Ribbon Week. We also gave away a punch of candy with "tobacco tricks not treats" messaging to game attendees! Students were also able to use our snapchat filter during the game! 
  • A door decorating contest was held at the Middle School, and Mrs. Fassbender's class was our first place winner of a pizza party!
  • Red Ribbons were hung at city hall October 23-31st and our imitative was up on the city webpage

Way to go Franklin!

Red Ribbon Week.jpg