4th Annual Franklin Family Fun Flick

Volition Franklin hosted its 4th Annual Franklin Family Fun Flick on Friday, June 14th with many community partners including Gift of Wings, Franklin Lions, Mathnasium, Ascension Franklin, Milweb1, Marcus Theaters, APA, Southwest Milwaukee Optimist club, Law Offices of Frederick Klimetz, Snowie Snow Cones, and support from PAWS and the City of Franklin. Prior to the movie, Mary Poppins Returns, members offered free games, vendor booths, and Marcus Showtime Theater popcorn for attendees.  The Academy for Performing Arts had vocal and violin students performing before the movie started. Through sponsorship and community donations, $1,912.81 was raised for Volition’s prevention efforts.

About 350 individuals attended the event.  140 people completed an evaluation about the event. 32% of attendees were Franklin students and parents of students enrolled in Franklin schools—our target audience.  68% of respondents are concerned about substance misuse in Franklin. Of people who were concerned about substance misuse in Franklin, participants rated vaping, alcohol, and tobacco as the top three substances.  Comments included “alcohol use is prevalent” and “alcohol…[is] legal and there’s no stigma when consuming it, like with drugs and tobacco”.  Comments also included that substances are a problem because of stigmas that ‘nicotine addiction [is] cool”. 

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End of Year Recognition Event

Volition Youth celebrated their accomplishments and recognized the 2018-2019 Leadership team and our seniors at our annual recognition event. We partied at Root River Center with bowling, pizza, and cupcakes. Students had a great time celebrating the year and saying goodbye to our seniors.

Exam Relief FACT Lounge

Volition Franklin FACT Youth hosted a FACT Lounge m during exam week at Franklin High School.  Students could drop in, have breakfast, play scratch off tobacco prevention games from FACT, listen to music, and play other board games prior to exams.  A therapy dog was also available as an anxiety and stress reducing technique.  There were also positive affirmations written on the boards around the classroom.  A councilor, the school social worker, and a public health nurse staffed the event and offered support to students.   The exam relief room offered a time to for students to relax, prepare for, and cultivate a positive mindset prior to taking their exams.  

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St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt

 Middle School Volition Youth members challenged their peers to complete a St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt around school March 11-15.  St. Patrick’s Day-themed shapes were hidden around school. Under the shapes were facts about prescription pills, underage drinking, tobacco, and marijuana.  Students were tasked with finding four different shapes/ facts and writing them out on the green scavenger hunt forms, also placed around school.  Home base teachers were also given directions and forms for students. Once completed, students had the opportunity to turn their completed form in at lunch for a prize.  22 students completed the scavenger hunt.

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Gratitude Stones

Studies have found that gratitude is a powerful substance abuse prevention technique. In a study where three groups of people had to write (1) something they were thankful for (2) anything that came to mind or (3) something that was bothering them every day for a period of time, the group who wrote something positive had less anxiety and depression. In November, youth created gratitude stones to share with their peers. They wrote positive messages on rocks and left them in the school office for people to take what they needed.

Halloween Spooktacular at the High School

October 30, 2017

Students gave back to the community via a spooky Halloween event Monday along with other clubs and sports teams at the high school.  Our group decorated cookies and educated children about the dangers of candy-flavored tobacco products. 

Root River Bowling

We had a great time celebrating all of our accomplishments this school year! FYI members had a night to remember at Root River Bowling.