Prevention Week

Volition Youth members participated in Prevention Week by creating Franklin’s Largest Word Search! Community members have the opportunity to find prevention-themed words in a 7.5x7.5 feet word search. Students also created posters defining each word that people can find with statistics or sentences including each word. People who participate can win a prize! The display is posted in Franklin City Hall.

At the high school, students also made a display about healthy decision about substance misuse in the Main Commons of school.

BeFunky-collage (7).jpg

Red Ribbon Week

October 22-25, 2018

 Red Ribbon Week is a nation drug prevention awareness campaign. Franklin supported Red Ribbon Week by doing activities in the middle and high school all week. On Monday we were at the high school holding signs with facts about tobacco, vaping, underage drinking, and drugs on them.  We also handed out bookmarks with a drug prevention message to English teachers to distribute during class.  Students also read announcements each day stating drug facts, defining red ribbon week, and encouraging students to wear the color red on Thursday (last day of school for the week).  300 book marks were distributed. 

On Wednesday our middle school students passed out “tobacco tricks not treat” candy during lunch.  Students also created posters to place around the lunch room walls with facts about the negative health effects, costs, and tricky advertisement of tobacco products.  About 700 students were reached during this activity.  

On Thursday we went back to the high school to display the posters and distribute red Volition socks and red ribbons so students could participate in the wear red day. 200 ribbons and socks were given to students.  Students were encouraged to take a selfie wearing their new red gear and post to social media with #VolitionFranklin.   Posters were hung on Volition member lockers advertising Red Ribbon Week and reminding them of the contest.  Of all the students who posted to their social media accounts, one was selected at random to win a $20 Starbucks gift card.  One lesson we learned is that if a student has a private account, we are not able to see their photo, even if they use the hashtag.  Moving forward we will encourage students to first like or follow Volition social media prior to posting their own photo.  Overall the socks were well received by students.

Prevention Week May 14-18

Volition Youth supported Prevention Week over lunch at the Middle and High School with puzzle pieces, asking students how they contribute to a happy, healthy Franklin.  Students also had FACTivisms showing how the cost of tobacco is detrimental to their future and a waste of money. 

Sticker Shock Campaign

Hali, Liv, and Shreya did a Parents Who Host Lose the Most sticker shock campaign and Kwik Trip. They placed stickers on cases of alcohol and set out a fact sheet sharing the dangers of providing alcohol to teens at graduation parties. The sheet also gave parents tips on how to host a safe party and make sure their kids were going to safe parties at other family homes. Students evaluated the project by asking patrons of the store if they noticed the campaign and if they thought it was an effective project. We had seven people who agree to be surveyed, three who bough alcohol, and one who noticed the campaign and thought it was effective.