Volition Franklin Success Series: Mindfulness

The February Volition Franklin Success Series at Franklin High School focused on mindfulness.  Students had the opportunity to sign up for the Success Series during their “Gold Block” time during school.  Mr. Rivera, the school social worker, led a short lesson about mindfulness and being conscious of our minds, body, and spirit.  We discussed the need to the aware of our surroundings and the need to clear our minds at times.  One strategy to do this, is through a mindfulness jar.  Students created a mindfulness jar by mixing a variety of glitter and sequins so that when shaken, the glitter slowly settles to the bottom of the jar.  Watching the glitter slowly settle allows one to relax, clear the mind of stressors, “let go”, and focus on oneself in a healthy way.   Students also personalized their jar with stickers.  One student made a jar for their friend who was going through an especially difficult time.  Later that day, it was observed that students posted their mindfulness jars on their social media accounts with the lessons they learned that day.

BeFunky-collage (3).jpg