Light and Unite Red

Volition Youth members participated in the Milwaukee County Light and Unite Red week, coinciding with National Drug and Alcohol Fact Week.  At the middle and high school, students read announcements each day with facts about tobacco, vaping, underage drinking, and marijuana and prescription medications.  Members also made memes about vaping.  The memes were then placed in a collage with various facts about vaping that were taped to each bathroom stall door. Per members, the posters were greatly talked about at school.  Some teachers commented that the memes were funny.  During the lunch period at each school, members asked other students to write how they are a positive peer influence on a red “feather”.  Red pencils depicting the Volition logo and “Students Light the Way” were given to participants.   The feathers were then arranged in two giant wings.  For the rest of the week, students could take their photo with the wings and post to their social media accounts.  About 300 students at each school participated in this project.   Members noted that some students posted their pictures on snapchat or Instagram.  Members also noted that because the wings were in the main commons and lunch room at school, some students felt shy to take their photo by them.  It was suggested to place the wings in a more discrete location next time.  Each school was also encouraged to wear the color red on Friday.  Some members and students received a Volition Franklin Lights the Way t-shirt to wear.