8th Positive Peer Influence Presentation

Volition youth members participated in presented to all 8th grade Forest Park Middle School students about vaping and how to be an advocate.  The high school Athletics Director led a presentation about vaping, health effects, and addiction.  The students then broke out into three subgroups—how vaping effects athletics and activities, the health effects of vaping on the body, and how to be a positive peer influence.  Volition Youth members presented content about advocacy, how to be a positive peer influence, and demonstrated refusal skills.  In one of the activities, 8th grade students were asked to write how they were a positive peer influence.  Some examples they provided were:

·         I’m a good peer to my fiends because I support them in what they want to do that’s good

·         My friends feel open to ask me for help/ advice and I make sure they know that

·         I’m good a cheering people up

·         I accept them for who they are and encourage them to stay strong

About 75 8th grade students chose to attend this breakout session. Six Volition Youth members presented over the course of four days (eight presentations).