Volition Franklin Success Series: Kindness

Volition held its first Volition Franklin Success Series at Franklin High School.  Students had the opportunity to sign for the Success Series during their “Gold Block” time during school.  Mr. Rivera, the school social worker, led a short lesson about kindness.  Data has shown that about 25% of students have felt bullied in the past. By being kind, we can prevent students from potentially misusing substances. Participants wrote message on tags that were then tied to candy canes and distributed, to students who were noticed doing something kind for another person, to Language Arts teachers and through Volition Youth members that week.  Messages included: “kindness is a privilege. Everyone deserves it.”, “use your platform to promote kindness and lift others up”, “kindness is inclusion”, “kindness should not discriminate”, and “kindness is a listening ear”.  Volition Youth members distributing candy canes wore t-shirts that said “kindness is the new cool”.