Light and Unite RED Week

For Light and Unite RED week at Franklin High School, Volition Youth gave away all things red during lunch and encouraged peers to wear red on Friday and support substance use prevention in Franklin!

Parks ComMission

Students created a proposal and presented it to the Parks Comission on December 11 regarding the adoption of a smoke-free parks ordinance.  Students have been collecting data during environmental scans, cigarette butts pick up, and testimonies from staff at their school this past year.  They are working hard to meet with city leaders and determine the best rout for putting their plan into action this year. 


Get Yo Kindness On

Students made fleece blankets for other teens in need to distribute to Southbrook Church during World Kindness Week in February.  We attached a message sharing that just like we need to protect the outside of our bodies with warm clothes and blankets during cold temperatures, we need to protect the insides of our bodies with good choices on what we put in them --like choosing not to use tobacco! 


Tie Dying

Students tie-dyed FACT shirts at our meeting today to spread the truth about tobacco. We will plan to wear these shirts during school next month. 

Halloween Spooktacular at the High School

October 30, 2017

Students gave back to the community via a spooky Halloween event Monday along with other clubs and sports teams at the high school.  Our group decorated cookies and educated children about the dangers of candy-flavored tobacco products. 

Cigarette But Clean Up

October 27, 2018

Olivia and Laney spent their day off of school picking up cigarette butts at Franklin parks. We collected a whole container full! Thanks for making our environment a little more beautiful, ladies! 

Red Ribbon Week Bookmarks & Candy

October 11-13, 2017

Today we put together the Red Ribbon Week bookmarks. Congrats to Liv Banach for creating the winnings bookmark designs!  We also had several new members join us to help with stickering the candy. On October 13th, we attended the FHS football game to pass out candy and red ribbons for families to tie around trees. Even the school mascot came to help at our table!  We also put a message in the fence that said: FACT: Addiction isn't sweet. by our table AND created Red Ribbon Week hashtag for people to use during the game. 

Tobacco Tricks, NOT Treats

October 5, 2017

Students stuck stickers on candy reading "candy flavored tobacco is a trick, not a treat" and decorated the cafeteria doors with FACT's messages about the dangers of candy-flavored tobacco.   The door will be up the month of October.  Students passed out the candy after school on October 19th.  We also decorated a door with directions about the Red Ribbon Week door decorating contest at the middle school.